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I was staying with aunt Julie and had the house all to myself that afternoon, or so I thought, as I laid back on her comfortable bed, slowly exploring my body, rubbing, moaning.  I just didn’t know she had come back home earlier, and there she was standing by the door, watching over me like a hawk.  I froze in panic, fear, and humiliation.  She slowly walked over “Looks like college has made you a very naughty girl”.  She smiled and I started to apologize.  She stopped me…. “Want to hear an embarrassing secret from my end? she asked.  I nodded, still speechless.  “My mouth is watering for your pussy” she said looking deep into my eyes and just dove in.  I was still speechless, but moaning now, feeling her lips and tongue.  

(Source: kinkybihousewife)

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